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Welcome to the website of Victor Churchill Dale.

A renowned contemporary Aussie poet, Vic Dale is an ordinary bloke with extraordinary insight into life and human character. He has the ability to portray the stories of the bush in a unique, down-to-earth style, with a sense of humour and sensitivity to the spirit of people from all walks of life.

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Wireless Hill Memorial

Wireless Hill, located in the City of Melville, is the home of a War Memorial that was opened in April 2016. It was constructed in agreement between the Applecross RSL and City of Melville.

In planning for the monuments, Vic Dale was approached by the City of Melville, having been recommended by Aboriginal people, to use a poem he had written ten years previously, titled Forgotten Australians. This poem is now immortalized in an impressive panel, where the text is laser cut from rusted steel plate with stainless steel backing. The words also form the shape of a soldier.

Vic wrote the poem with a passion for sharing the story of the Aboriginal soldiers, seeking to recognize their contribution to Australian wars prior to 1967, especially World Wars I and II.

Forgotten Australians is published in Vic’s book, Talking to an Aussie.

Wireless Hill Memorial

Wireless Hill Memorial