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The Aussie Inside

May I share with you my writing
Written in my style
May my words reach out and touch
You briefly for a while
And if it is, at my book's end,
My inner self inside
I've shown you - that wonderful place
My writing's justified.

Talking to an Aussie

The Aussie Inside

Great gift or 'coffee table book'


Vic Dale has the ability to portray the stories of the bush in a unique, down-to-earth style, with a sense of humour and sensitivity to the spirit of people from all walks of life. His first book, The Aussie Inside, is a diverse collection of original poems ranging from the heart-warming to the hilarious.

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Product Details

ISBN: 1 920783 38 5
Format: Paperback
Category: Australian Poetry
Publication Date: 2005
Publisher: Ocean Publishing
Number Of Pages: 156
Country Of Origin: Australia
Dimensions: 200mm x 250mm x 12mm
Weight: 550g