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Talking to an Aussie

Again the words of Victor Churchill Dale are released to the public. His new book Talking to an Aussie bears out what many already know of this poet, and that is simply his closeness to the Aussie way of life. In his own words he will tell you, his poems are meant to travel the journey and rest with the people. His stories are nearly always from real life and have been gathered from his journey with the years.

Talking to an Aussie

Talking to an Aussie

Great gift or 'coffee table book'


He writes on subjects most writers would prefer to leave alone. Victor has the unique ability to take you into a rough miners’ pub and sit beside the drunken loser who is hell bent on causing trouble, and yet somehow you feel sorry for him. You will journey to the trenches of World War One and share the last hour of a young digger’s life. You will laugh when you read the story of the rabbit trapper trying to buy hydraulic rabbit traps. Dale will take your imagination to the limits when you read the story of the fence post cutters at the old Bullfinch hotel who wrestled with the jaws of death in the outback loo!

You are invited to turn the pages and meet some of these characters and share the stories of this Aussie poet.

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Product Details

ISBN: 9780646908441
Format: Paperback
Category: Australian Poetry
Publication Date: August 2013
Publisher: Victor Churchill Dale
Number Of Pages: 160
Country Of Origin: Australia
Dimensions: 200mm x 250mm x 13mm
Weight: 630g